Reference# H02353
Manufacturer's retail price: $55,000
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  • Limited Edition: 25 pieces - SALE - 40% off
  • Case: stainless steel
  • Size: 48.8mm
  • Movement: HYT's proprietary hand-wound caliber 501
  • Function: retrograde fluid hour indicator, power reserve, luminous track beneath the hour ring
  • Power Reserve: approximately 65 hours
  • Water Resistance: 50m
  • Dial: grey with luminous hour numerals on caseband
  • Caseback: sapphire crystal
  • Strap/Bracelet: rubber


Just as erosion has gradually given our earth the mountain peaks, valley and coastlines we treasure, the H5 timepiece mindfully shapes our perceptions of time.

By showcasing time’s flow, it helps us to value what was, what is and what may be. Layer by layer, element by element, the essence and relevance of time are revealed. Because time and innovation are always on the move.

The brand new proprietary 501 caliber is the epitome of opposites attracting to generate seamless harmony. Three years of development, spent largely outside the horological comfort zone, have led to a single mechanism that harnesses the potentially paradoxical power of mechanical and fluid technology.

Generous dimensions and transparency prove that the result is as beautiful as it is effective. HYT loves to visualize time moving forward; the H5’s ground-breaking movement is an esthetic and technical leap in the very same direction.

A hand-winding mechanism sets a consistent pace and releases precisely the right amount of energy for contrasting immiscible liquids to flow inside the capillary tube to represent the recent past and the near future. Visible through the sapphire caseback, an intricately shaped cam offers 12 different possibilities to adjust and index the hour and minute indications, ensuring they operate as one. An over-sized, curved lever connects the movement’s collaborating elements. This orchestrates a complex chain reaction, whereby the caliber pushes against a regulating bellow with walls four times thinner than a human hair to launch time’s next 12-hour journey.

In the age of impatient immediacy, time’s value risks dilution. The HYT H5 is dedicated to measuring time in a way that draws attention to both its intrinsic passage and precious essence. An architectural approach, inspired by erosion, reveals the layers that create the whole in all its purity. A substance that erodes reveals.

If this doesn’t happen, the story isn’t told. Three-dimensionality and transparency invite viewing from all angles – by a generation obsessed with artificial intelligence and new virtual territories. A domed sapphire glass is ingeniously curved around a bold stainless steel case to simultaneously present and protect. Stratified metal components, stepping and sinuous lines support the design’s strong storyline.

The innovative neoralite external flange, with its cut-out numerals further enhance the H5’s fascination with perspective.The striking vertical digits appear to float around the watch during the day and start to glow as darkness falls. Created from one single piece of luminescent, Super-LumiNova-filled, translucent material, this component’s complex production process involves 3D printing, molding, injection and subtle grinding. Like natural erosion, personal evolution continues around the clock, time after time.

This HYT H5 comes in a limited edition of 25 pieces.