HYT T1 Watch


April 10, 2024

HYT begins a new chapter in the evolution of its hydromechanical watches

A smaller, more refined diameter. A new ergonomic design for optimum comfort. A neo-classical color spectrum that captures the zeitgeist. The new T1 SERIES fuses HYT’s groundbreaking hydromechanical technology with a captivating line-up of horological complications to come.

The new collection represents a significant evolution, meeting the expectations of a brand community that has eagerly awaited the next advancements of the Neuchâtel-based Manufacture of hydromechanical horology.

In opening this new chapter, HYT explores a new universe: an unprecedented, more compact diameter of 45mm to showcase the Neuchâtel watchmaking manufacture’s fresh stylistic signature.

HYT T1 Watch

A reduced diameter that is as surprising as it is self-evident. The T1 SERIES embodies an aesthetic ideal expressed in its most absolute form. As the firstborn in a forthcoming family of complications, the new series distills all the work and research of the past 12 years.

In its pursuit of an elegant and contemporary timepiece in tune with the zeitgeist, HYT understood that the challenge as both a technical one and an aesthetic one. The complexity of incorporating the full scope of HYT’s fluidic technology into a smaller diameter case was an adventure that demanded the highest level of precision – and the ability to square the circle between design and technical constraints.

Beyond precision and ingenuity, however, it also opens a new realm of creative freedom, ushering in an era of even more refined expression. It is not just about making things ‘smaller’, but, rather, about pushing the boundaries further, thinking differently, developing and finding solutions.

Modern and designed for everyday wear, its innovative ergonomic silhouette, free of lugs, is enhanced by an octagonal case structure with gently curved lines.

The interchangeable – strap is seamlessly integrated into the overall architecture, flows naturally from flowing from the case to contouring the curve of the wrist, ensuring unparalleled comfort and remarkable wearability. True to HYT’s meticulous attention to every detail, the T1 SERIES embraces a contemporary style that is effortless and versatile, at ease with even the most active lifestyles.

HYT T1 Watch

The T1 SERIES collection reveals itself through two masterfully manufactured case variations: one in titanium and DLC titanium, and the other, of superior preciousness, in 5N gold complemented by DLC titanium. The salmon, anthracite, and silver dials offer a unique contrast with the titanium and DLC titanium case, while the exquisitely elegant case in 5N gold and DLC titanium stylishly enhances the midnight blue watch face.

Mechanical components and technological advancements merge in perfect harmony, showcasing HYT’s craftsmanship. The watch features a domed ‘bell’ sapphire crystal, treated with an antireflective coating, that gives an unusual depth and vibrancy to the dial. The open caseback, secured with screws, features an antireflective sapphire crystal to offer a clear view of the intricate workings inside. Here, the HYT’s mechanism is powered by the two hallmark pistons that regulate the movement of fluids under the impulses of the manually wound caliber 501-CM, itself composed of 352 parts. Thoughtfully designed for ergonomics and positioned at 2 o’clock, the torque crown – either in titanium and DLC titanium or in 5N gold and titanium DLC with a satin and micro-blasted finish – is key to ensuring water resistance up to 50 meters, merging functionality and aesthetics with flawless reliability and precision.


HYT T1 Watch


The time display, specific to HYT and calibrated for 12 hours, combines the fluidic hour indication – via the liquid-filled glass capillary along an outboard scale from 6 o’clock to 6 o’clock – with a mechanical minute indication via a central hand sweeping around an inboard minute track.

Specifically, a tinted liquid progressively fills the capillary, marking the hour against the outboard scale along the dial’s flange. After 12 hours, as it reaches the 6 o’clock position on the right, the tinted liquid retrogrades to its starting point at 6 o’clock on the other side. For a precise reading of the time, the minute markers are displayed in Arabic numerals around a dedicated sector on the dial.

The exclusive HYT manufacture caliber beats at 28,800 vibrations per hour, with a 72-hour power reserve indicator at 2 o’clock.

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