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Urwerk UR-100 GunMetal

Urwerk Welcomes the UR-100 GunMetal

January 22, 2020
From time immemorial, humans have shared the universal habit of looking skywards for guidance. Instinctively, we all know that wherever we are in the world, the sun, our celestial clock and point of reference, rules our daily lives. Thus, Urwerk devotes an entire collection of watches to our spinning journey around the sun, starting with the UR-100 GunMetal, derived from...
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UR-100 SpaceTime

Far Out: The UR-100 SpaceTime

September 12, 2019
The UR-100 takes us on a journey through both time and space, two concepts at the very core of Urwerk. Using its orbiting satellite hours and minute hands, the UR-100 displays both time (hours and minutes) and space (distance traveled), merging these two concepts in the creation of the all-new UR-100 SpaceTime. The UR-100 SpaceTime features Urwerk’s iconic orbital hour...
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