Laurent Ferrier Annual Calendar Vintage

Laurent Ferrier Adds the Galet Annual Calendar Vintage

April 6, 2020

Laurent Ferrier, a company synonymous with technical refinement and flawless finishing, unveils a new limited-edition, user-friendly annual calendar. Restricted to just five pieces and housed within a 40mm steel case, the Galet Annual Calendar Montre Ecole Vintage is endowed with a contemporary vintage style dial.

Inspired from rare vintage watches of the 1950’s and their matte champagne finished dials, Laurent Ferrier’s latest limited edition is endowed with a contemporary vintage style dial. Named vintage due to its inspiration, it is housed in a 40mm stainless steel case and features an opaline yellow-gold toned dial.

Laurent Ferrier Annual Calendar VintageThe Genevan watchmaker has acquired much knowledge since his early studies in the 1960s. Throughout its history, Laurent Ferrier has enjoyed much critical acclaim. In 2010, the firm won the ‘Best Men’s Watch award’ at the Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix (GPHG). Thereafter, the company enjoyed further success at the GPHG in 2015 and 2018. The company’s vast experience is manifest with each creation it makes.

The classically styled Laurent Ferrier Galet Annual Calendar Montre Ecole Vintage was designed in-house and embodies an array of qualities that distinguish it as special. The prevailing time is conveyed with curvaceous ruthenium Assegai hands. A snailed small seconds display resides above 6 o’clock, tastefully imparting meaning. Two beveled apertures, positioned in the upper portion of the dial, proclaim the day and month, while the date is indicated by a white hand circumnavigating the periphery of the dial. The dial displays much information yet remains uncluttered and free of distractions.

As its name suggests, this watch is endowed with an annual calendar. This complication recognizes the months with 30 and 31 days, automatically advancing to the first of the month as appropriate. The only occasion necessitating manual adjustment is once per year on the first of March. A push-piece on the left side of the case provides a simple means of adjusting the ‘day’ display. All other adjustments can be made easily by pulling the crown and rotating it accordingly, obviating the need for tools.

Laurent Ferrier Annual Calendar Vintage

The Montre Ecole case pays due reverence to a time when watchmakers converted pocket watches into wrist-worn timepieces. The company’s ‘ball-shaped’ crown proffers ease of manipulation and an abundance of eye appeal. The vertical flank of the crown features a domed circlet, a shape repeated on the sides of the graceful, arcing lugs.

The caliber 126.01 is at the heart of the Vintage Edition. This hand-wound movement, comprised of 235 components, incorporates a Swiss lever escapement and is capable of running autonomously for up to 80 hours. The variable inertia balance features screws affixed to the rim of the balance wheel, providing an effective means of altering the rate. It delivers superior performance when contrasted to a simple index-adjusted balance and is highly prized by purists. A power-reserve indicator is positioned on the movement, visible to the rear of the watch. The company’s iconic long ‘blade’ type click ratchet, much loved by the brand’s owners, is mirror polished with a ‘rounded-off’ finish and evinces a resplendent appearance.

Laurent Ferrier Annual Calendar Vintage

Laurent Ferrier is renowned for matchless finishing. Each bridge is adorned with pristine Côtes de Genève decoration and ruthenium treatment. The mainplate is embellished with perlage. The sides and interior angles are manually chamfered. All jewel sinks and screw heads are painstakingly polished to a gleaming conclusion. There are no concessions to haste, everything is refined to the highest order.

The Laurent Ferrier Galet Annual Calendar Montre Ecole Vintage is presented on a honey alligator leather strap with coordinating Alcantara lining, providing a sumptuous means of uniting the watch with its fortunate wearer.

Each example of this watch showcases the incredible expertise and skills for which Laurent Ferrier is known. Indeed, this is an expertise that has been amassed over many years and demonstrates the virtue of wisdom, something the opaline yellow-gold toned dial stylishly encapsulates.