DB Kind of Two Tourbillon

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  • Description
  • Limited Edition: 10 pieces
  • Case: The DB29, a case middle inherently suited to a swivel watch
  • Size: 42.8mm
  • Movement: DB2579
  • Function: Dual front and back display of hours and minutes, Seconds, Ultra-light De Bethune 30’’ tourbillon in titanium
  • Power Reserve: 5 days
  • Water Resistance: 30m
  • Dial: Dual front and back display of hours and minutes, Seconds, Ultra-light De Bethune 30’’ tourbillon in titanium
  • Hands: Ultrahand-polished and blued titanium hands for hours, minutes. Ultra-light De Bethune 30’’ tourbillon in titanium De Bethune Innovation (2008)
  • Strap/Bracelet: Extra-supple alligator leather, alligator lining

The DB Kind of Two Tourbillon is perfectly reversible and can be worn on either side. This model houses a highly sophisticated mechanism based on a complex system of gears and pinions arranged on the front or back of the watch, and which enables the hands to turn in the right direction, regardless of the dial chosen.

The front side of the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon displays a dial featuring a sleek, contemporary design, with central hours and minutes hands as well as a tourbillon at 6 o’clock, complete with a 30-second indication.  A new type of deltoid-shaped bridge is positioned in the center, like an isosceles triangle that contributes to the overall sense of harmony.

The other side reveals a dial based on more traditional aesthetic inspiration, with a finely hand-guilloché central part surrounded by the numerals already featured on the dials of De Bethune models such as the DB8 and DB10. The tourbillon with its seconds has vanished, and on this face the hours, minutes and more surprisingly the seconds hands are all centrally positioned. 

Every detail has been taken into consideration. Easy to use, yet highly complex, the system of floating lugs lends itself particularly well to the “pivoting” of the case.

Redesigned for the occasion, these elements have been equipped on each side with an ingenious little rotating mechanism made up of 28 components. For reliability purposes, they are manufactured in stainless materials such as surgical steel or titanium, thus enabling them to withstand the external aggressions of water, humidity, temperature variations and continuous contact with the skin.

Thanks to a cam, a small “notch” allows the watch case to be instinctively and perfectly positioned in line with the floating lugs. The round case rotates on its central axis and can be positioned, front or back, in a delightfully easy, smooth and entirely natural way.

All in all, with its elegant design, the combination of contemporary mechanics with a more traditional face, as well as the meticulous care devoted to details, legibility and comfort, the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon perfectly illustrates one of the great principles of the Manufacture De Bethune: reinterpreting grand traditions with a contemporary vision of the horological object, thereby opening up a new field of expression that is refined and sophisticated while preserving user-friendliness and simple read-off. A work of art with two faces, whose timeless beauty reflects mechanical and aesthetic perfection

2021 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève nominee – Tourbillon