Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus watch

Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus

April 9, 2024
Czapek & Cie discovers gold in Antarctica with Mount Erebus Czapek & Cie's vision of haute horlogerie – as well as that of François Czapek, whose eponymous 19th-century watchmaking house inspired the modern company – rests on two pillars: the pursuit of Beauty, and the spirit of sharing. With this foundation, the Geneva-based Maison is constantly open and listening not...
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Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer 39 mm Watch

Lederer Central Impulse Chronometer 39mm

April 7, 2024
Lederer presents the new Central Impulse Chronometer with a diameter of 39mm After winning the prestigious Innovation Prize at the Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève in 2021, Lederer's celebrated Central Impulse Chronometer is back in the spotlight. Today, the watch not only continues to impress with its avant-garde mechanism – which has been further refined – but also with its...
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HM PIONEER Centre Seconds Cosmic Green 3201-1204 Watch

H.Moser & Cie Pioneer Center Seconds Concept Citrus Green

April 5, 2024
The Pioneer Center Seconds Concept Citrus Green: Yo, It's The Bomb!   A killer lime green dial, a totally lit rubber strap: the Pioneer Center Seconds Concept Citrus Green model is more than just a watch. Designed for those who don't want to be down with the crowd, it knocks conformity down. Why be another sheep when you can mix...
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Trilobe L'Heure Exquise Watch

Trilobe Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise

April 2, 2024
On a sand-blasted dial reminiscent of the infinity of our sky, Trilobe takes its eccentric complication one step further with a waltz of moons. A gear wheel with 59 cogs evokes the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, completing a full cycle of 29.5 days. Through this mechanism, the moons quietly reveal their age. For the first time, the...
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Chronoswiss Strike Two Watch

Chronoswiss Strike Two

March 26, 2024
The watchmaker from Lucerne presents a Fusion of Innovation and Legacy. Chronoswiss is excited to announce the release of the Strike Two Series with the cutting-edge “H2O” and “Golden Gear” models. This exclusive collection, each limited to just 100 pieces, represents a new chapter of innovation in the Chronoswiss watchmaking story, written in the heart of Lucerne. Echoing the pioneering...
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MB&F FlyingT Watch

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx

March 10, 2024
The 14th year of MB&F unveiled a new avenue of horological exploration, an evolution of creative horizons for founder and company alike: the Legacy Machine FlyingT, first launched in 2019, is the first of MB&F’s three-dimensional horological art pieces inspired by women. Since 2020, the FlyingT collection has also hosted a special gemstone dial every year, with editions in Lapis...
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