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Fabergé Extends Watch Warranties to 10 Years

January 30, 2020

Fabergé is delighted to announce a new benchmark for quality in watchmaking – from November 1, 2019, Fabergé is extending its guarantee on every watch sold to a full ten years, effectively doubling the previous luxury watch industry standard.

The warranty comes with one condition. Customers automatically receive a five-year warranty, itself uncommon in luxury watches, but if they take advantage of Fabergé’s offer of a free service at the end of that period, they automatically have their warranty extended for an additional five years.

Faberge Compliquee Peacock This remarkable extension to Fabergé’s current three-year warranty is the result of the company’s exceptional commitment to quality in every aspect of watchmaking. The skilled work of its many dedicated artisans, watchmakers and jewelers around the world means customers can be certain of a market-leading standard for every watch.

The new warranty is also a useful way to remind Fabergé owners to service their watches. As Fabergé’s cosmopolitan clientele know, mechanical watches should be serviced at least once every five years to change lubricating oils and ensure immensely complex mechanical movement is still in perfect working order. Fabergé will service and repair every watch under warranty at its highly skilled specialist watch workshop in Geneva for free.

“The skill of our best artisans and our team in Geneva means we can provide the highest possible quality watches,” Aurélie Picaud, Fabergé’s timepieces director explains. “We know the work stands the test of time, so we are very happy to offer this new warranty and free first service to all our clients. At Fabergé, our involvement doesn’t end with the sale. We want to offer the best quality of service in everything we do – from products to production to after-sales care.”

The warranty covers any and all manufacturing defects but does not cover normal wear or damage due to improper use.