Golden Morning Dew Ring

Item# 607336
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Drops of dew delicately glitter in the morning sun when the air smells cool and fresh – a new day full of possibilities has begun. Inspired by these special hours of the day, the goldsmiths from Wellendorff have created the limited-edition spinning Golden Morning Dew ring.

Striking forms, sparkling diamonds and light-green colored panels of cold enamel, smoothly and silently rotate around each other, in the three elements of the ring. The diamonds between the green facets start to glitter when moved, like morning dew sparkles on fresh grass. The different hues from lime to mint flow into each other and the row of diamonds becomes the first sparkling sunbeam of the day. Intuitively, the wearer knows why the spinning ring from Wellendorff is also called the ‘world’s most vibrant ring’.

Set in 18-karat yellow gold. Limited for 127 hearts around the world.