Embrace Me Golden Rainbow

Item# 475–00797


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Embrace Me. Golden Rainbow

“Life is like a rainbow.  We need the sun and the rain to be able to see the colors.”  This is the message conveyed by the spinning EMABACE ME Golden Rainbow created by Wellendorff.

Extreme precision, perfection and cutting-edge technology are required to create the EMBRACE ME Golden Rainbow bracelet, as the edges of each cube measure just 2.0 mm. The colorful EMBRACE ME Golden Rainbow bracelet adapts perfectly to its surroundings

Wellendorff connoisseurs have always wanted to incorporate the bright cold enamel colors of the Wellendorff ring with the “most delicate bracelet” in the world made from flexible gold. The challenge for the Wellendorff goldsmiths was to permeate the color through the entire piece without compromising the bracelet’s flexibility. After lengthy, intensive development work, they found the perfect solution: 103 tiny aligned cubes made from 18-karat gold filled with cold enamel. Thanks to its sightly conical tapered shape and the flexible gold, the EMBRACE ME Golden Rainbow bracelet fits around the wrist in a gentle embrace.