Trilobe L'Heure Exquise Watch

Trilobe Les Matinaux L’Heure Exquise

April 2, 2024

On a sand-blasted dial reminiscent of the infinity of our sky, Trilobe takes its eccentric complication one step further with a waltz of moons. A gear wheel with 59 cogs evokes the orbit of the Moon around the Earth, completing a full cycle of 29.5 days. Through this mechanism, the moons quietly reveal their age.

Trilobe Moon Phase

For the first time, the moon phase is co-axially linked to the seconds wheel, under a dynamic and mesmerizing starry sky. Les Matinaux are thus honored: three rotating rings bear the Maison’s first complication.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise  Watch

The trilobe, a universal and timeless architectural motif, echoes the three pillars of time Hours, Minutes and Seconds – and becomes the new indicator of time.

The elegant dial with its matte, sand-blasted finish is a real technical challenge. It defies symmetrical shapes, and is made up of five parts, three of which are in permanent rotation, in an anti-clockwise direction:

The largest ring for the hours;

The median for the minutes;

The starry sapphire glass rotating to the rhythm of the seconds.

 A Tribute to our Inaugural Series

Trilobe draws from the classic aesthetic of its first collection, “Les Matinaux”, and replicates the dial structure identically in the edition “L’Heure Exquise”, featuring five elements, each with notable variations. The hour and minute rings continue to run smoothly across the dial, but a slight tilt of the numerals accentuates the movement of the discs, highlighting the passage of time. A single trilobe now serves as the indicator for the hours and minutes, while the seconds flow freely across the dial through a starry sapphire glass.

Trilobe L'Heure Exquise  Watch

At nightfall, after being activated by a UV light, the drawn stars come to life to illuminate the chosen moment, thus suspending the passage of time. A new invitation to free yourself from time.

The “Secret” Edition, is an invitation to immortalize a precious moment in a poetic way. The starry sky, thus conceived, is a freeze frame for a chosen moment in life. Each dial is made to measure: a map of the sky reflecting the day, time and place that are dear to you, making each watch a unique piece. A subtle way to free time, from a happy or promising moment, and freeze it for eternity.


Trilobe L'Heure Exquise  Watch

Encased in titanium or rose gold, this model comes in several variations with sand-blasted dials: Dune, Blue and Secret. The entire collection is a limited edition of 100 pieces.

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