Krayon Anywhere Aurora Watch

Krayon Anywhere Aurora

The first titanium watch by Krayon

 Lovers of green rejoice. It’s a green that evokes the powerful phenomena of nature. The skies that become fluorescent with the hypnotic northern lights. It can also be the green that evokes fresh grass after rain, lush meadows, forests, valleys, and that need for wide-open spaces that inspires us to embark on adventure. It’s a color that heralds a feeling of renewal, of optimism and a new, organic energy directly linked with our natural universe – surprising yet self-evident, as if it had always been part of Krayon’s spirit since its foundation only six years ago.

Krayon Anywhere Aurora  Watch 

Titanium: lighter, stronger, longer-lasting

The spirit of innovation that thrives in Krayon’s workshops in Neuchâtel contributes to giving its creations exceptional longevity and reliability. While gold watches have greater heft, the choice of titanium for the case of this new model was a logical one.

That is because titanium is remarkably lightweight — Anywhere Aurora weighs a mere 50 grams — and provides superior corrosion resistance, enhancing the watch’s durability. At the same time, the metal is stronger, hypoallergenic, and biocompatible, and its low magnetism ensures the movement’s precision remains uncompromised.

High-precision exterior

While its malleability enables intricate designs, Krayon faced and surmounted numerous challenges heightened as a result of choosing titanium. These included the crafting of lugs soldered directly onto the case, with a subtle downturn, all highlighted by gadroon fluting for added refinement. Indeed, soldering titanium remains a rarity in the world of watchmaking.

Krayon Anywhere Aurora  Watch

 There is also wonder in titanium’s resistance to scratches, allowing it to retain its splendour over time. A futuristic aesthetic, with its metallic sheen and almost otherworldly lightness, coupled with amazing strength. The contrast created by the magnificent emerald-green dial then lets the watch change radiance according to the sun’s rays, evolving from a light green to an iridescent green with almost turquoise reflections, as if revealing a lode of precious stones.

 An atomic green

Krayon Anywhere Aurora  Watch

 The dial’s striking green hue was achieved using the ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) process. A testament to technological prowess, this coating method deposits ultrathin films one atomic layer at a time, ensuring a surface of exceptional uniformity and precision.

For Anywhere Aurora’s mesmerizing green hue, the ALD method was employed to lay down layers of select compounds, like copper oxide, that interact with light to produce this distinctive shade. The paramount benefit of this technique resides in the precision with which layer thickness can be controlled, allowing for exact colour gradation. Additionally, it ensures impressive scratch resistance and long-lasting durability.

 A signature complication

Anywhere Aurora by Krayon displays hours and minutes using two hands, positioned at the center of the dial that seems to float in the middle of the watch. It is surrounded by a peripheral ring with an orbiting sun that indicates the time over 24 hours. Note that the annular zone has two parts: a day sector (mother-of-pearl white) and a night sector (deep green). Their respective lengths continually evolve, thereby indicating through their positions the sunrise and sunset times read on the flange.

Krayon Anywhere Aurora  Watch

The sector length is intimately linked to latitude; it is the north-south position that determines the day’s duration. At the equator, it is always equal to that of the night, and it varies as one comes to the white nights of summer near the Arctic Circle. To incorporate this geographical factor, Krayon envisioned a mechanical positioning system, composed of racks and toggles instead of a fixed, complex, and expensive cam. Upon the client’s request, a Krayon watchmaker simply makes an adjustment in the movement. It can be easily modified, whenever the client so desires.

To this end, Krayon’s Anywhere Aurora displays the date and month in a pointer-type counter at 6 o’clock. This is a simple calendar, with each month lasting 31 days. It therefore requires only five quick, simple annual adjustments, which can be made directly via the crown in both directions.

Limited Edition of 25 pieces.

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