Faberge Color of Love Rings

Fabergé Introduces Colors of Love Collection

February 14, 2020

Fabergé is proud to introduce the latest additions to the Colors of Love Collection – a trio of new rings, featuring emeralds, rubies and sapphires.

The Colors of Love collection has always combined the traditional craftsmanship of Peter Carl Fabergé’s inventive mind with modern techniques and contemporary style. These new rings now also highlight an additional dimension – responsible sourcing.

The rubies in the collection are from Gemfields’ Mozambican Montepuez mine while the emeralds come from the company’s Kagem mine in Zambia, offering the wearer a sense of pride and compassion. Gemfields work with mining communities, governments and conservation NGOs to ensure every gemstone sold supports schools, medical care, the environment and conservation.

To complement these precious gemstones, Fabergé has utilized environmentally ‘sustainable’ gold ore from Peru, which guarantees mercury-free extraction. When investing in one of these beautiful rings, customers can also rest assured that ethical practices and standards of excellence are observed, respecting human rights and guaranteeing complete traceability across the supply chain.

Faberge Color of Love RingsPeter Carl Fabergé would certainly approve; he always preferred his work to have emotional value beyond price. More concerned with ingenuity and beauty over cost, he once famously said; ‘expensive things interest me little if their value is merely in so many diamonds or pearls.’ These rings in the Colors of Love collection honor that belief with an emotional and ethical value that far surpasses the sum of their parts.

The Colors of Love collection is based on Peter Carl Fabergé’s trademark techniques – like fluting, where parallel grooves are hand-carved into 18k gold. Peter Carl revived this unique style, inspired by the skills of ancient Roman gold and silversmiths, and employed it on his famous Imperial Eggs. Fabergé now showcases this elegant technique on the bands of these rings. The procedure, of course, has been updated – each ring is cast in a 3D model – but every groove has to be hand polished before the stones can be set.

These new Colors of Love rings offer three fluted band designs to suit every style – plain fluted, alongside diamond and gemstone set fluted shoulders. Each oval cut stone showcases these extraordinary colored gemstones with precise artistic ingenuity.

Faberge Color of Love RingsThe three colored gemstones have been carefully chosen and each have been a potent symbol of love since ancient times. Ruby’s red, set in 18k rose gold, represents the color of passion, beauty, courage and sacrifice – the stone of royalty in the Bible, ancient Sanskrit writings and long-held Persian, Indian and Chinese belief.

Emerald’s green, set in 18k yellow gold, represents renewal, harmony, fertility and life – considered a healing stone by civilizations as old as the Romans.

Sapphire’s blue, set in 18k white gold, represents trust, loyalty, faith and truth – held as a symbol of wisdom and protection for millennia.

The meaning of each stone makes the collection perfect for gifting – from Valentine’s Day to Christmas, as an engagement ring, or to mark anniversaries and significant moments in life you wish to cherish. These versatile rings can be worn alone or stacked with matching bands within the collection to create a signature look, which can be built over time as your own love story grows.

At the heart of each ring is uniqueness – no two natural gemstones are alike; every stone has its own clarity, character and story, making these a truly personal gift. In a final touch, inspired Peter Carl’s fondness for surprise and discovery, Fabergé has concealed a matching gemstone on the inside of the band, a secret stone on the skin that only the wearer knows is there.

Faberge Color of Love Rings