Excalibur Spider Pirelli Automatic Skeleton Orange close up

Excalibur Spider Pirelli Automatic Skeleton Orange

July 8, 2018

A fresh adrenalin rush is guaranteed in 2018, as the proudly unmistakable features and trademark colors of the Excalibur Spider Pirelli collection welcome the Excalibur Spider Skeleton Automatic Pirelli in sleek black titanium with vivid orange accents.

On this latest special Pirelli edition of the best-selling model equipped with Caliber 820SQ, the fluted titanium black DLC skeletonized bezel is complemented by a crown over-molded with orange rubber and matching stitching on the strap.

And when it comes to the latter, representing the ultimate nod to the brutal winning streak embedded in the DNA of these two exceptional brands, the Excalibur Spider Pirelli strap itself features rubber inlays from certified Pirelli winning tires having competed in real races, setting the seal on the deal with legendary tread motifs reproducing the profile of a Pirelli Cinturato intermediate tire on the interior.

The meaning of Roger Dubuis exclusivity once again attains new levels with this series of unequivocally singular limited editions, designed to keep a wholly unique clientele riveted with a never-ending whirlwind of extravagant – naturally daring – surprises. Who could even begin to guess what will come hurtling down the track next?