Faberge Peacock Rose Gold

Discover the Lady Compliquée Peacock in Rose Gold

February 5, 2020

Fabergé is thrilled to expand the award-winning Lady Compliquée collection with a new edition that exudes femininity in its style and design, instead of embellishment. The new Lady Compliquée Peacock Black Rose Gold Timepiece, which follows the white gold variation launched at Baselworld 2017, employs the same ingenious and exclusive movement that enjoyed remarkable success at the 2015 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve, winning the ‘Ladies High Mechanical’ award.

The intricate dial is illustrated with deep black lacquer and a refined peacock at the heart of the watch, providing a chic, contemporary look. This new variation offers women a feminine and complicated timepiece without jeweled embellishment, suitable as an everyday, go-to piece.

Faberge Peacock Rose Gold

Hours are read at the winding crown, off the mother-of-pearl disk that rotates counterclockwise. The minutes are read off the peacock’s tail feathers as they unfurl each hour, only returning to zero when the lead feather reaches 60. These watches perpetuate the ingenious and free-thinking spirit of Peter Carl Fabergé himself who imagined and made many of his creations to be both emotive and fascinating.

Innovative, surprising and made to the highest standards, the Lady Compliquée Peacock pays homage to the famous Imperial Easter Egg, the “Peacock Egg” of 1908.

These mobile works of art paint constantly evolving scenes, as time unwinds on the wearer’s wrist. In this manually wound movement, four pivoting blades fan out simultaneously indicating the minutes. Each of those blades is moving independently, but at a different speed to each of the others. As the cycle is repeated each hour, time takes on a new role, going beyond the mere charting of the passing of the minutes to create scenes of ephemeral beauty.

The three-dimensional construction of the dial further enhances the theatrical effect.
Aesthetically, the movement presents a rich series of decorations that showcase its architecture and enhance its traditional character.