Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus watch

Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus

April 9, 2024

Czapek & Cie discovers gold in Antarctica with Mount Erebus

Czapek & Cie’s vision of haute horlogerie – as well as that of François Czapek, whose eponymous 19th-century watchmaking house inspired the modern company – rests on two pillars: the pursuit of Beauty, and the spirit of sharing. With this foundation, the Geneva-based Maison is constantly open and listening not only to its fans and watch enthusiasts, but also to evolving directions in the wider world of art, fashion and society.

Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus watch

Located on Ross Island in the frozen continent, the Mountain from which the new Antarctique

‘Mount Erebus’ takes its name is the southernmost active volcano on Earth and one of the very

few constantly active volcanoes in the world. It was named after one of expedition ships that

discovered Ross Island in 1841, captained by Sir James Clark Ross, HMS Erebus – which, in turn

was named after a deity in Greek mythology born of Chaos and personifying darkness. A

remarkable feature of this volcano is the presence in its lava of gold, which is projected into the

atmosphere at an estimated rate of 80 grams per day, dissolved in the escaping volcanic gases

and therefore, impossible to harvest.

Origins of Czapek’s Antarctique line are present in ‘Mount Erebus’ thanks to

the lamé dial, a finish originally created for the first iteration of Antarctique, launched in May 2020 – the limited-edition Terre Adélie. Created in collaboration with Metalem, Czapek’s long-time manufacturing partner, it is crafted using a special kind of comb that creates an effect like a highly textured satin finish. Complementing the rose gold ‘Mount Erebus’ case, the dial offered in Deep Blue is made with a CVD (chemical vapor deposit) technique.

Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus watch

With a 40.5 mm in diameter and 10.6 mm height, the gold case shares all of the design codes that make the Antarctique steel case so distinctive: the flowing curves, finely honed angles and

carefully judged balance of brushed and polished surfaces that bring the composition to life. The 5N rose gold case and the 2N yellow gold one are respectively complemented by a rose gold or a yellow gold bracelet. Alternatively, both models are proposed with a rubber strap in various colors.


Czapek Antarctique Mount Erebus watch

The Antarctique Mount Erebus Deep Blue in 5N rose gold will be produced in a limited run of 100 pieces. The 2N yellow gold version, limited to 50 pieces only.

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