Cartier Taps Into the Power of Illusion with the Hypnose

Cartier Taps Into the Power of Illusion with the Hypnose

July 28, 2016

Black, white: contrasting tones that make the head spin – the Hypnose watch seems to whirl Cartier timekeeping into a never-ending spiral. A jewelry watch of hypnotic fascination, its aesthetic appeal lies in the form and power of illusion inspired in its lines. In one stylish yet disciplined stroke, Cartier has created a major new watchmaking classic in the Hypnose timepiece.

The Hypnose oval case is 37.8 x 33.3mm.

The elegance of its oval form, edged with diamonds, is feminine, subtle and definitively Cartier with an essential brilliance. Graphic ellipses of pure, jewel-like white are accentuated by the luminosity of pavè-set diamonds to create a watch that falls halfway between sophisticated evening attire and exquisite day wear.

A full pavè version of the Hypnose is also available.

Movement, perspective, optical illusions… All these and more are encapsulated by the virtuosity of savoir-faire in the black lacquer filling the hollows together with the diamonds illuminating the hours from one oval form to the next.