Girard Perregaux Absolute Rock

Carbon Glass Debuts in Laureato Absolute Rock

November 13, 2019

Revealed as a concept watch in January 2019, Carbon Glass is materialized today with the chronograph Laureato Absolute Rock.

Vibrant, confident, eye-catching, the Laureato Absolute Rock captures the essence of sportiness and projects the spirit of the Laureato towards a bolder contemporary look.

Girard Perregaux Absolute RockCarbon Glass is at the core of the new timepiece. Unlike any other manufacturing process of other types of carbon, this innovation guarantees a full water resistance. Its patented manufacturing process involves an extreme compression of the materials during an injection procedure at high temperature. Aesthetically, unlike other types of carbon, it results in a smooth and uniform texture on all its surfaces. The integration of blue fibers associated to those of the carbon makes every one of the 100 pieces launched truly unique.

Another breakthrough innovation lies in its very high resistance, the carbon glass being 100 times more resistant than steel; without compromising on its lightness with a density close to one when steel is at about eight and titanium 4.5.

The sportiness of the Laureato Absolute Rock is also symbolized by its chronograph with redesigned pushers and a bold 44mm diameter case. The rubber strap adapts to any wrist and becomes fully integrated to fit any occasion.

For the launch of the Laureato Absolute collection, Girard-Perregaux has ‘octagonised’ iconic locations around the world with urban, audacious and playful visual expressions. From the renowned Shibuya crossroad in Tokyo, to the skyscrapers in New York City as well as iconic places such as place Charles-de-Gaulle, the Swiss watchmaker has reset them all, Laureato style.

With eight aerial views of iconic places, the visuals reinterpret maps and territories to make appear a vibrant geometric shape, the octagon. This polygon of eight angles highlights one central element of the Laureato: its case.