Behind the Scenes at Urwerk with the UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange

April 14, 2016

Urwerk shares key moments from the creation of its UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange.

The UR-105 TA embodies all the years of research invested into Urwerk’s wandering hour satellites.

Here, the ingenuity of the mechanism lies in the invisible carousel responsible for the operation of the satellite hours.

A circular canopy with openings highlights the current hour.Once the hour has elapsed, the satellite – guided by a Geneva cross – rotates as it continues its orbit for another three hours before returning to centerstage.

Each satellite indicates the time in both analogue and digital fashion as it arcs across the minutes chapter.

The UR-105 TA Clockwork Orange features dual air turbines on full show on the back through two sapphire glasses.

The bezel of the UR-105 TA comes in steel with a brushed finish.