Ulysse Nardin Blast Executive Tourbillon

Ulysse Nardin Unleashes the Blast

August 25, 2020

Opposites attract, they say. There’s success in excess. In a world of sensory overload, what do we turn to? We walk. We climb. We embrace the unknown. We explore the extremes. Timing is key. Focus is key. Decisive souls shatter patterns once known, draw the fierce lines of a new world.

Our minds are designed to soar, to rise and find our higher selves. Our bodies are trained to embrace open dangers and unearth hidden treasures. From excess to progress, we refine and define what drives us, what elemental forces are at work. Around us. Within us.

Watch. Observe. The dance of the extremes. See them play. In stillness and in speed. Creators of our own reality. Designers of our own path. Across our planet, we ask, we receive. Left and right, explorers, heed the call. This is an open invitation to life.

The dark and the light. The fire, the ice. Combust and fight. Fire within, a flame that burns bright. Ice so cold it burns, with all its might. Fire so hot, it stops time in its track. Ice, like a road to heaven.

Life. One adventure, one in the making, one transformational path, aiming higher and better, and deeper, too, and stronger, always. We go where no one expects us, because we thrive for the unexpected, because we are unstoppable because each end is the extreme. A new beginning.

Ulysse Nardin Blast Executive Tourbillon

The Executive Tourbillon’s latest incarnation comes in the shape of the Blast, a ripped explosion of volcanic energy and magma power.

For centuries, explorers have hunted down these ultimate hot and cold zones. The stillness before the blast. Hear the void in the thick of the storm. Molecules suspended. Feel the silence as it permeates your very core. All is calm. All is quiet. So much so, it echoes, like a deafened beat.

From the depth of the Earth, a stealthy shiver turns into an imploding throb. So great, it overpowers its own structure, surging from the very center of all that is. Stealth gives way to a technological wonder made with rock-hard, masculine lines. Ready to propel seismic shockwaves throughout the watchmaking world, a rocket sent into the stratosphere, the Blast is both the warning and the blow.

Ulysse Nardin Blast Executive Tourbillon