H. Moser Resets the Clocks to Swiss Time

H. Moser Resets the Clocks to Swiss Time

January 25, 2017

In response to new legislation on the Swiss Made ordinance for watches, H. Moser & Cie. launched the Swiss Mad Watch earlier this month. More than a watch, the Swiss Mad Watch is a symbol: it is 100% Swiss, it embodies the greatest strength of Swiss haute horlogerie and all that is truly of value, encapsulated in a label worthy of this name.

The Venturer Swiss Mad model shares in the spirit of the Swiss Mad Watch. It features the same design, with the exception of its white gold case, one of the exceptional component parts in an H. Moser & Cie. watch which does not originate from but is nevertheless produced in Switzerland.

With its Swiss Mad Watch and the Venturer Swiss Mad model, H. Moser & Cie. is highlighting the weakness in the Swiss Made legislation for watches. Its message is simple but powerful: no to Swiss Made, yes to Swissness. H. Moser & Cie. has decided to remove the Swiss Made label from the dial of all new watches created from 2017 onwards. This is a bold strategy that once again proves that Edouard Meylan, CEO of H. Moser & Cie., is not interested in half-measures:

Moser’s in-house movement powers the Venturer Swiss Mad Watch.

“We are no longer ‘Swiss Made,’ but we are Swiss. 100% Swiss in the case of the Swiss Mad Watch, and over 95% Swiss for all of our other models, because only the straps are made abroad as alligators do not seem to appreciate the fresh air by the Rhine Falls in Switzerland.”

For the Venturer Swiss Mad, only the case material is not of Swiss origin, as there are no gold mines in Switzerland. The case for this watch was, however, produced in Switzerland, so the timepiece is 100% Swiss according to current legislation, which takes no account of the origin of the materials. The Venturer Swiss Mad flies the Swiss colors high with its red fumé dial featuring white indices, evoking the white cross on the national flag, and paired with a cowhide strap. This model has all the typical characteristics of the Venturer watch family: the case, with its convex shapes and curved sapphire crystal evocative of the 1960s, which is also inspired by historic H. Moser & Cie. pocket watches.

The hand-wound HMC 327 manufacture caliber is the ‘100% Swiss’ beating heart of this watch. Visible through the sapphire caseback, the movement has a power reserve of at least three days, which is shown in an indicator on the reverse side of the watch.

The Venturer Swiss Mad is available in a limited edition of 50 pieces. To reserve one of these extremely rare pieces, contact Cellini Jewelers today!