Declaration of Love Ring

Item# 472-00669/607316
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Much more than a ring, it is one of the world’s most beautiful declarations of love. For you, the finest diamonds – for me, moments of happiness. The moments of happiness we have experienced and the precious times that still await. For you, it is the highest form of the goldsmith’s artistry – for me, it is the most beautiful declaration of love that exists.

The endless sparkle of the individually set diamonds is a reminder of moving, brilliant moments of happiness. Maximum sparkle for maximum joy is created by the extraordinary precision of the diamond’s two-prong setting and results in a special character. With the smooth spin of the inner ring, the play of light from the diamonds shines limitlessly, much like the emotions of a special love story. Hand-enamelled, a small, vibrant red heart made of Wellendorff cold enamel sets it apart from the rest and makes a meticulous, yet elegant statement. A heart that is illuminated by the gently shimmering gold tone of the base layer and seems to whisper declarations of love.

Shown in 18-karat yellow gold. Also available in white gold.