Love’s Duet Bracelet

Item# 475-00607/304761
  • Description

Three rope strands of the Pure Delight design meet two strands of Brilliance of the Sun and create an exciting contrast. LOVE’S DUET bracelet – a bracelet for everyday wear.

Purity meets elegance, a delicate sparkle meets silky soft gold. Five gold strands from the Pure Delight and Brilliance of the Sun designs breathe life into the LOVE’S DUET bracelet. Understated yet striking, this bracelet lies perfectly around the wearer’s wrist, casual chic, that will enhance any look. Crowning this unique combination of two rope designs is a pavé heart. The front of which is fully set with the finest diamonds, the red, enamelled inside of the heart tells its own story. The LOVE’S DUET bracelet is a masterful combination of styles and an elaborate piece of precious jewelry.

Shown in 18-karat yellow gold. Also available in white gold.