My Delight Ring

Item# 472-00938


  • Description

Every spin of the 18-karat limited-edition MY DELIGHT diamond ring is an expression of elegant glamour in a delicate Wellendorff design: radiant diamonds dance around the wearer’s finger, and small mosaics in iridescent mother-of-pearl white sparkle and glisten in the sun.  A small pink heart surprises amidst the shimmering mother-of-pearl cold enamel. Representing a kaleidoscope of emotions, the heart sets it apart,  a line of diamonds curves around the 18-karat yellow gold spinning ring like a rolling wave – an ever-recurring rhythm of life that knows no beginning or end. 

A delicately engraved guardian angel inside the ring accompanies and protects the wearer every day. In keeping with the philosophy of Genuine Values, the MY DELIGHT diamond ring is signed with the jewellery manufacturer’s exclusive trademark, the Diamond-W − the symbol of German-made goldsmithing par excellence. MY DELIGHT diamond is only available in 2024.