My Delightful Nude Ring

Item# 472-00939


  • Description

Every spin of the 18-karat MY DELIGHT nude ring is an expression of effortless elegance in a delicate Wellendorff design: radiant diamonds dance around the wearer’s finger, and small mosaics in nude tones, from soft to terracotta pink, sparkle and glisten in the sun. The secret: enchanting stardust. The cold enamel experts apply several layers of the color to the individual fields by hand. Tiny crystal particles are mixed into the cold enamel, which position themselves in different directions within the still liquid color. Incident light therefore always hits at least one particle of stardust, which reflects the light like a mirror. This creates a breathtaking sparkle with every movement. Instead of the traditional Wellendorff rope edges, MY DELIGHT nude features smooth, highly polished outer rings that lend the ring its especially modern appeal.

Two small hearts made of white Wellendorff cold enamel set it apart. Free to move and yet closely connected, they move along the two spinning inner rings, sometimes taking different paths, before moving back to find each other once again. It is a magic moment when two hearts beat as one.

Finally, sparkling round diamonds perfectly complement the pattern of the square. The jewel setter uses the surrounding gold to securely hold the diamond in place. When setting the diamonds in this way, there is an art to finding the right balance in the size of the gold prongs, the visibility of the diamond and the security of the stone’s setting. The highest level of precision and many years of experience in stone setting are the prerequisites for this.

The MY DELIGHT nude ring is only available in 2024.