Spacetime Blade Black

Reference# UR - SBB
Manufacturer's retail price: $63,000


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    • Case: Lost Wax casting Black base with black patina
    • Size: Height: 170 cm Weight: 20 kg
    • Function: Hour; minutes; seconds; 1/10 and 1/100 of a seconds ; date; Earth’s rotation and revolution expressed in Km

    “Scientific instruments such as telescopes and microscopes, as well as clock, were traditionally made in bronze. The SpaceTime Blade draws its inspiration from such instruments, while incorporating aesthetic codes from the world of science-fiction.”   Martin Frei

    URWERK invites you to a new kind of watchmaking experience that involves coming face to face with a creation transcending traditional notions of time and space and featuring an unparalleled system. There is no satellite complication here, no wandering hours, no planetary gears, no case and no dial. This instrument redefines time as only URWERK dares to do.

    Each glass tube is a Nixie bulb with its anodes arranged in a metal grid and its cathodes forming numerals.  For each unit displayed from 0 to 9, a 0.1 mm-thick steel cathode is designed. Each bulb is composed of 88 parts, in total 1445 pieces.  When the current is switched on, a warm orange glow features hundredths of a second ticking away. The display can change a stunning 500 times per second.

    The Spacetime Blade Black will be created in a limited edition of 33 for the world.