Time Machine Palladium

Reference# 74.6001/114
Manufacturer's retail price: $33,200
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  • Description
  • Limited Edition: 50 pieces
  • Case: palladium endcaps on mineral glass capsule; stainless steel base
  • Size: 25.7cm long x 22cm high
  • Movement: hand-wound movement designed and manufactured in-house
  • Power Reserve: approximately eight days
  • Dial: black rotating rings

L’Epée 1839 has been measuring time for over 179 years, which perhaps explains its passion for reacting to time, even acting on it, or at least constructing it. Inspired by the most famous examples of the genre, L’Epée 1839 today unveils its new co-creation, ‘Time Machine’. In an era when scientific minds continue to ponder the question of whether time travels in one direction only, L’Epée 1839 takes advantage of the present to take off and explore the future.

With a futuristic design inspired by the film world, and a subtle nod to the mechanics of yesteryear, the Time Machine is nothing less than a mechanical sculpture that tells the time. Remember those crazy time travel contraptions, with all those frenzied moving, twirling parts? The new kinetic architecture of L’Epée 1839 belongs right there alongside them. The entire upper part revolves. A single press sets the entire time capsule – the glass tube, the carriage, the time display, and the whole mechanical movement – rotating and transporting you through time.

The two propellers at either end of the carriage are also mobile: the first winds the movement, while the second adjusts the time.

The time capsule, powered by all these rotations, rests on a stable and immobile tripod that ensures total stability for safe take-offs and landings. A wing-nut system at the center of the clock locks the rotation of the capsule and stabilizes the precious mechanism during the journey.

With its 370 components, the Time Machine is a complex table clock measuring 22cm high and 26cm wide. It includes a mechanical L’Epée 1839 caliber featuring an eight-day power reserve. As with any dream machine, the onlooker immediately seeks to understand how it works: the motor is therefore visible in its entirety, providing a clear view of the mechanics and their timekeeping.

The Time Machine is produced in three limited editions of 50 pieces each: silvered, black and silvered, and black and gold.