Love’s Temptation Necklace

Item# 474-00294/406783
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As unique as love: The diamond, as king of the precious stones, stands for eternity and is the greatest symbol of love in jewelry. The centre of the seductively feminine y-shaped necklace Love’s Temptation, which flows right into the décolleté, is formed by a flawless diamond. The 1.3-karat diamond sparkles like a thousand captured rays of sunshine, gently embedded in four Brilliance of the Sun ropes, on the neck of the wearer. Cleverly draped, the necklace unfolds in such a way that the impressive gemstone rests elegantly and apparently feather-light between the gold strands. The 18-karat gold Brilliance of the Sun strands are made in a pure and simplistic style like a seductive piece of silk that fan out gently. The warm gold hue highlights the effect of the large diamonds and stresses their unique brilliance. The diamond almost sways on the décolleté of the wearer, since it’s made with a setting of the utmost quality. This opens up a deep view into its brilliant interior, producing a unique play of light. As a fine detail, the extension chain closes with a diamond cube, so that the size of the necklace can vary, offering – depending on the wearer’s neckline – a range of ways of wearing this item, as well as room for a personal engraving. Shown in 18-karat yellow gold. Also available in white gold.