Delightful Flowers Ring

Item# 472-00940


  • Description

In the limited-edition DELIGHTFUL FLOWERS ring, warm 18-karat yellow gold meets a new floral engraving design. An elaborately engraved flower represents nature and life. The delicately engraved leaf veins inside the detailed flower give the ring a unique impression of depth.

Several layers and three shades of the Wellendorff cold enamel are applied by hand to the individual surfaces of the ring.  The same colour of cold enamel can shine with different intensities due to the different layers of engraving. A high level of precision and a great deal of expertise in goldsmithing are required to ensure that the individual levels are exactly the same distance, precisely 0.15 mm from each other at every point, so the colour has just the right intensity. 

A delicately engraved guardian angel inside the ring accompanies and protects the wearer every day. The ring is signed with the jewellery manufacturer’s exclusive trademark, the Diamond-W.

The DELIGHTFUL FLOWERS ring is only available in 2024.