The Hourglass by Marc Newson

Item# HG30 Silver
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The Hourglass  – An iconic timpiece reinvented

With its truly unique design, the Hourglass is a timeless object that allows its owner to emphasize their relationship to time.  Observing the millions of nanoballs falling in a mesmeric way allows for a peerless moment of relaxation.  Handblown in a single piece of the finest class, its crafting relies on the most experienced craftsman resulting in a very limited nuber of pieces made available each year.

Blown in one piece

The Hourglas is made from a single piece of  5mm to 7mm thick Borosilicate Glass, hand blown by artisans to closely reproduce Marc Newson’s design.

Filled with million of nanoballs

The nanoballs have absolutely perfect spherical shape measuring precisely 0.6mm in diameter and coated with fine gold or silver.

Marc Newson signature

The feature of Marc Newson’s signature is a promise of an overaching experience carried through the Hourglass.

A philosophy of time by Marc Newson

Marc Newson has developed a very strong relationship with time throughout his life. He was obsessed with watches from a very early age. He received a Timex as his first watch right after he could tell the time with a conventional watch. He took the watch apart and built another case for it in plexiglass. Since 1986, he has been professionally designing timepieces and even building them.

Timepieces are best to express his philosophy. Marc Newson strives to design objects that stand the test of time and that can be used forever. Objects that are not disposable and won’t become obsolete. The Hourglass was born from this envy. It embodies his sense of beauty, quality, and precision. It is no longer about telling the time but rather measuring a duration. Marc Newson’s proposition is to help you be fully conscious of your time. You may have a relaxing moment while focusing on the motion of the nanoballs. Time is expressed through our senses: vision, hearing, touch.

” The hourglass is all about time, but in a more esoteric and fundamental way.  I was thinking of having fun with time ”  Marc Newson