Lost in Time (Small)

Reference# Lost in Time-Small
Manufacturer's retail price: $3,900


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    • Limited Edition: 999 pieces
    • Size: 2.5 lbs, 4"x5"x6"

    The beauty of the watch movement featured in these modern art creations preserves and magnifies the highest quality vintage watch parts that are meticulously collected from around the world. Each work of art is completely unique and one of a kind. The process of creating a Berd Vaye sculpture takes 3-4 weeks of meticulous design work, part sorting and polishing for each piece. Berd Vaye sculptures are made of a clear, shatter-resistant, high-end precious resin that showcase carefully selected mechanical watch components. Explore the Berd Vaye master collections and experience the tremendous intricacies and human ingenuity involved in fine watchmaking.

    The Time Squared Cube beautifully enhances the display of watch parts in a structural integrity that seems miraculous.