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    Skull 48.8mm

    Reference# S48-DG-57-NF-LM
    Manufacturer's retail price: $79,000.00
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    • Limited Edition: 50 pieces
    • Case: 18-karat rose gold and black DLC-coated titanium
    • Size: 48.8mm
    • Movement: HYT's exclusive hand-wound caliber
    • Function: retrograde fluid hour indicator, power reserve in right eye and seconds indicator in the left eye
    • Power Reserve: approximately 65 hours
    • Water Resistance: 100m
    • Dial: skull with unique patina
    • Caseback: sapphire crystal
    • Strap/Bracelet: cognac-colored leather with rubber core, comes with a removable cuff

    The Skull collection has been enhanced with a more compact model, but its message still resonates now more than ever. The Skull, with its new 48.8mm case, is available in two versions, the first made entirely from rose gold and the second from contrasting gold and black DLC titanium. Both have a patina on the skull, underscoring the fact that life is precious.

    The Skull has been an iconic HYT timepiece since 2015. Its boldness pushes the boundaries for a brand that stands out from the crowd, starting with its fluid time display.

    Every feature of the Skull is designed to act as a "memento mori," a reminder that life is short and you must seize every moment. It is a symbol of life rather than of death. Just like the fluids which, driven by two flexible reservoirs, progress inside the capillary to mark the passage of time. Without liquid, no life is possible. There would be no timekeeping either: this process began with the first water clocks (or "clepsydras"), over 3,000 years ago. As a 21st-century clepsydra, the HYT is a philosophical instrument. Even more so when it takes the form of a bold skull with hollow eyes.

    A new model has now been added to the collection: The Skull 48.8. The case has been slimmed down from 51mm to 48.8mm, perfect for more slender wrists. The skull has a patina, a finish designed to enhance it as it ages. The patina grows with every passing second measured by the HYT device. More specifically, measured by the capillary, which hugs the outline of the skull – a feat of glass engineering.

    A watch adorned with a skull. One might think this just another passing trend. But this would be to forget that the watchmakers who created the first portable timepieces, in the 16th century, at the height of the artistic genre of "memento mori," immediately recognized the significance of the symbol. Make the most of your time, friends, for life is short.

    The case for the first version of the Skull 48.8 is made from rose gold. The hours are indicated on the outer bezel. The external dial boasts a magnificent grained effect thanks to its microblasted treatment. The strap is made from matte black alligator. The second version of the Skull 48.8, made from rose gold and black DLC titanium, features an external dial treated with an anthracite grey galvanized coating. The cognac-colored patina leather strap, with a rubber core, comes with a matching cuff. Each version is offered as a limited edition of 50 pieces.

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