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  • Laurent Ferrier

    Galet Micro-Rotor

    Reference# LCF004.R5.BW2
    Manufacturer's retail price: $55,000.00
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    • Case: 18-karat rose gold
    • Size: 41mm
    • Movement: automatic winding caliber
    • Power Reserve: approximately 72 hours
    • Water Resistance: 30m
    • Dial: chocolate brown
    • Caseback: sapphire crystal
    • Strap/Bracelet: alligator leather

    The Galet Micro-Rotor houses a concentrated blend of horological innovations. Its caliber, featuring automatic winding by an off-centred micro-rotor, stems from an exclusive development: Laurent Ferrier provides its own interpretation of an invention by Abraham-Louis Breguet dating from 1789, the échappement naturel, meaning an escapement with a double direct impulse on the balance.

    To gain a better understanding of the system, one should imagine a swing, which one traditionally pushes and then waits for it to return before pushing it again. An échappement naturel would be a system by which two people each push the swing to and fro between them.

    For Breguet, the aim was to preserve as much transmissible energy as possible, since an impulse is given to the balance with each vibration. While this idea seemed very promising, Breguet made only a very limited number of watches equipped with this system. The main reason was that this type of escapement involved additional sources of friction, which was detrimental to long-term reliability.

    However, with the materials and precision technologies now available, this construction fully lives up to its initial promise, as Laurent Ferrier vividly demonstrates in the Galet Micro-Rotor that benefits from the facilitated winding of the barrel spring.

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