Vacheron Constantin Egerie steel automatic

Haute Couture Meets Haute Horlogerie in the Vacheron Constantin Égérie

March 9, 2020

There are two distinctive realms in which craftsmanship, know-how and rarity would be nothing without passion, creativity and concern for details. Haute horlogerie and haute couture share this same vocation, continuously reinvented by the artisans working behind the scenes. Égérie was born from the conjunction between these two fields of expertise. Haute couture instilled a sophisticated style, subtly paired with the asymmetrical aesthetic faithfully perpetuating the Vacheron Constantin heritage. Imbued with this two-fold inspiration, the new Égérie collection weaves the face of watchmaking femininity according to Vacheron Constantin. A watch featuring a classic look “draped” with a mischievous touch reflecting today’s women: inspiring, independent and charismatic.

A delicate interplay of textures and intertwined shapes, alternating flat and subtly raised areas; a pleated effect reminiscent of fabric; a singular asymmetry borne by a fluid aesthetic: such is the exquisite aesthetic of the Égérie watch. A feminine name for a watch inspired by women, from the famous nymph Egeria recurrently featured in Roman mythology to the contemporary muses who inspire artists, designers and other creative talents.

Infused with an exquisitely feminine sensibility, the new Vacheron Constantin collection draws its refinement from the world of haute couture. A dial featuring a pleated pattern. A diamond ‘halo’ resembling slender braiding and accentuating the feminine shape of the case. And above all, sophistication in each and every detail, expressed through pleasingly harmonious geometry punctuated by 18-karat gold Arabic numerals, daintily scalloped like lace.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie drawing

A clever system of interchangeable leather straps brings the pleasure of changing things up to suit the mood of the moment. No tools are required: the owner can switch strap with a simple clip, as the fancy takes her. The gold models come with different colored straps.

Égérie is also the modern interpretation of aesthetic codes cherished by Vacheron Constantin, which has been offering off-center displays since the early 19th century, notably by playing on two intertwined circles. Égérie has made this its signature touch. The date or moon-phase integration is thus part of a subtle diagonal line formed by the Vacheron Constantin logo and the crown daringly taking its place between 1 and 2 o’clock. Depending on the model, the latter is adorned with a cabochon-cut moonstone or a rose-cut diamond. This creative freedom is driven by a bold spirit that makes all the difference.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie moonstone

The mischievous Égérie has a strong character and this elegant watch is firmly embedded in its era. A watch that is a daily companion and a confidante of the most precious evenings.

A watch for every day, for every evening, for every moment. Available in rose gold or steel, the Égérie Self-Winding captures the spirit of the times.

The 35mm pebble-shaped case is crowned with a slender bezel over-stitched with 58 diamonds. Extended by integrated lugs, it is punctuated between 1 and 2 o’clock by a crown adorned with a cabochon-cut moonstone, of which the soft shade melds flawlessly into the overall aesthetic. The dial sets the stage for a delicate opaline silver work of art inspired by the world of haute couture: composed of concentric circles, its center and periphery are graced with a pleated pattern.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie guilloche

Developed after several months of testing, this decoration was created in the manufacture’s guillochage workshop using the historical “tapestry” technique. By dint of lengthy long and extremely subtle operations, the artisan adjusts the gears of a 1904 pantograph-type machine in order to reproduce a large-format motif in a miniature version on the dial. The expertly wielded tip of the burin, regularly sharpened by the artisan, gives rise to the draped-effect motif of the Égérie dial. Specially designed for the collection, the calligraphic numerals evoke fine embroidery, while the leaf-type hours and minutes hands recall the fine needles used by the nimble fingers at work in haute couture ateliers. In a signature touch, the date appearing in a circle rimmed with diamonds draws on the tradition of Vacheron Constantin’s off-center displays.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie rose gold automatic

A bold move for this versatile watch, escorted by three interchangeable leather straps for the rose gold version. The steel model is paired with a polished metal bracelet designed to ensure an extremely flowing look and feel. Both slim and graceful, it sits so incredibly light on the wrist, like a second skin, that the wearer can easily forget it is even there.

Beating behind the scenes is the 1088 caliber. This in-house self-winding movement with its 40-hour power reserve endows the timepiece with a degree of autonomy perfectly suited to a modern lifestyle. Its sapphire crystal caseback reveals its haute horlogerie finishing: a hand-crafted Côtes de Genève motif as well as a delicately openwork 22K gold oscillating weight inspired by the shape of the Maltese cross.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie Rose Gold Moon Phase

The night star is at the very heart of the Égérie Moon Phase model, which comes in a 37mm case in rose gold or steel, with a diamond-set bezel. The stellar horological complication springs a surprise by appearing where it is least expected.

An offset circle glittering with 36 diamonds displays a dreamlike vision of time, with the gold moon appearing in a starry sky revealed behind clouds formed by a delicate mother-of-pearl assembly. The enchanting charm of this model is further enhanced by its opaline silver dial and pleated pattern, developed after several months of testing and achieved using the ancient ‘tapestry’ technique. This delicate process, performed using a machine dating from 1904 and operating on the principle of the pantograph, serves to reproduce a miniaturized engraving based on a large-sized motif. This complex and meticulous operation calls for the greatest dexterity on the part of the Vacheron Constantin guilloché artisan.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie steel moon phase

The Égérie Moon Phase model is available in steel set with 58 diamonds, while the crown is graced with a cabochon-cut moonstone, a symbol of calm and serenity, contributing to a particularly modern and dynamic version fitted with a metal bracelet. Both light and slim, it nestles on the wrist like a second skin, to the point where one could easily forget it is even there. For a more chic, sophisticated look, the case of the Égérie Moon Phase also comes in a rose gold version, likewise fringed with 58 diamonds and featuring a cabochon moonstone on the crown. Its versatile elegance is paired with three interchangeable leather straps, enabling the wearer to adopt a variety of looks as the fancy takes her.

This model is powered by the in-house self-winding moon phase 1088 L movement. This user-friendly caliber meets the expectations of a modern lifestyle with its 40-hour power reserve. The sapphire crystal caseback reveals the refinement of the haute horlogerie finishes applied: the hand-crafted Côtes de Genève are swept over by an elegantly openwork 22K gold oscillating weight inspired by the shape of the Maltese cross.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie Moon Phase Pave

When night falls, the Égérie Moon Phase Diamond-Pavé model leads the dance in a stunning evening gown. Its case in 37mm white gold sparkles with 292 diamonds, while the dial deploys its concentric circles amid a shower of 510 diamonds resembling a precious embroidery. An haute couture look that brilliantly showcases the masterful touch of the manufacture’s finest gem setters.

Framed by diamonds, the arresting sight of the mother-of-pearl star pursuing its majestic path beneath a translucent sapphire crystal naturally draws the gaze, while the winding crown is adorned with a rose-cut diamond. These flamboyant interpretations embrace the wrist with two easily interchangeable night blue straps, one in leather and the other in satin, each secured by a gem-set pin buckle.

Vacheron Constantin Egerie dial

The Égérie Moon Phase Diamond-Pavé model beats to the rhythm of the in-house self-winding moon phase 1088 L movement, of which the generous 40-hour power reserve suits for memorable times. The sapphire crystal caseback reveals the refinement of the haute horlogerie finishes applied: the hand-crafted Côtes de Genève finishes are swept over by a 22K gold finely wrought openwork oscillating weight inspired by the shape of the Maltese cross.

A pleated motif reminiscent of haute couture craft, gold figures scalloped like fine lace, diamonds recalling precious embroidery and an off-center aesthetic inspired by the heritage of Vacheron Constantin… haute horlogerie engages in a fascinating dialogue with haute couture.

The new Égérie ladies’ collection is an anthem to elegant women who enhance their attire with a bold touch. A circle in a circle and deliberate asymmetry characterize a watch that captures the mood of the moment through its multiple faces, reliably powered by self-winding movements adorned with haute horlogerie finishes. Composed of three models – Self-Winding, Moon Phase, Moon Phase Damond-Pavé – each offering its own versions in rose gold, white gold or steel, set with diamonds, Égérie is inherently versatile. Appearing on a “second skin” metal bracelet for the steel versions or with interchangeable straps for the gold versions, it offers pleasing variety.