2019 Ring of the Year – Love Is

Item# 472-00625/607306
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Each year has its outstanding events and stands under a special star. Wellendorff has been presenting a limited-edition Ring of the Year, expressing a unique theme on each ring. The Rings of the Year are numbered according to the year they are made – only a few women worldwide will be able to call this ring their own.

LOVE IS…the shortest path between two hearts. LOVE IS…something different to each person and so always special. LOVE IS…the message that the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory’s Ring of the Year 2019 carries inside it. A message that can be the answer to all questions. Symbolized by a vibrant red heart, embedded in 18-karat yellow gold. Charming and warm just like love itself, the heart represents true appreciation and endless love.

Limited and numbered edition for 219 women throughout the world.