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    Reflections on the Water Earrings

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    Unforgettable moments: In the new collection, the Wellendorff jewelry manufactory has been inspired by the interplay of the sun and water to create pieces of jewelry that capture the memories of a special moment of pure joie de vivre. These moods and feelings are expressed in the colors of the sea, as they are combined in these earrings, Reflections on the Water, in 18-karat yellow gold and sparkling diamonds. They are inspired by the clarity of the water that allows an enchanting play of colors to shine into the depths. Small squares engraved in gold create a mosaic effect and remind us of the refraction of light on water. The surfaces shimmer in five different tones of blue − a charming reminiscence of the many-faceted nuances of the water. The earrings have two differently formed sides, and can, therefore, be worn in a number of ways: In addition to the appearance of reflections on the water, one half reveals sparkling diamonds, while the other half has a classic appearance with yellow-gold Wellendorff rope. This makes the earrings versatile enough to suit every occasion. The earrings are even more captivating thanks to their countless well-engineered details: the hoops are easy to open thanks to a precisely fashioned hinge so they can be handled easily and securely. The bevelled form means that they lie perfectly, which is ensured thanks to a left and right element. It is perfectly complemented by the ring and the rondels of the same name that also capture the appearance of reflections on the water in gold.

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