Noble Brilliance of the Sun Temptation Necklace

Item# 406868
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The world’s “softest necklace” from Wellendorff is one of the most beautiful declarations of love and a tribute to elegance. With the NOBLE BRILLIANCE OF THE SUN TEMPTATION necklace, Wellendorff has created the world’s “softest necklace”.

Eight Brilliance of the Sun ropes nestle gently like a scarf around the neck, held by a rondel set with a myriad of diamonds, which slides smoothly over the gold ropes. Handmade from 18-karat gold, the silky-soft gold rope has been admired globally as a jewelry icon for over 40 years. The generous length of the smooth gold strands invites the wearer to dream and bestows a deeply feminine, sensual radiance upon the piece of jewelry – more tempting than ever before.

Round brilliant diamonds total 5.093 carats.