Heartbeat Ring

Item# 472-00572/607256
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Some of life’s moments are so breathtakingly wonderful that your heart pounds with joy. The pure energy of this joie de vivre is captured by Wellendorff’s limited-edition 18-karat spinning anniversary ring Heartbeat, whose depths reveal three beating hearts in shades of apricot and rosé.

The spinning ring Heartbeat is skilfully crafted with experience and attention to detail in 18-karat gold. The multiple engraving levels and the transparent Wellendorff-cold enamel create an iridescent array of changing shades giving the ring its vitality and dynamism. Complemented by the warmth of the yellow gold and the sparkling diamond ring, the intense, glowing apricot and rosé shades radiate an infectious joie de vivre. A golden heart – the common symbol of all the pieces in the anniversary collection – is embedded in Wellendorff-cold enamel, representing love. The deeper levels are hidden under translucent, sparkling cold enamel, allowing the embedded hearts to appear through the base layer as if they were actually beating. In keeping with all the pieces of jewellery created by Wellendorff, this ring is signed with the unmistakeable Diamond W, guaranteeing the highest quality and supreme expression of the goldsmith’s art.

Only available during 2018, Welledorff’s anniversary year.

Shown in 18-karat yellow gold. Also available in white gold. Ring width is 9.1mm.