1-752 Men’s Ring

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The first in the latest limited-edition range of men’s rings from the Wellendorff Jewelry Manufactory. For men who always take things that one step further than the rest.

It’s not possible for there to be more gold – the designation “752” stands for the over-alloying of the gold, which is how the jewellery manufactory guarantees that all part of the gold contain at least 750 parts of fine gold, and can therefore be referred to as 18 karat. The men’s ring 1-752 derives its name from that extra luxury and quality. It embodies the attitude of always going one step further. Meanwhile, two red lines are an invitation to play. With a turn of the ring, they lose and find each other again, like a compass for the soul, allowing the wearer to convey a secret message that can be understood only by the most important person in his life.

Limited to 127 rings, for 127 self-confident men in the Wellendorff Jewellery Manufactory’s 127th year.